Process Cooling
Superior quality design in a line of packaged liquid chillers developed to provide the widest range of standard, ready to install systems.
Vapor Recovery System
Vapor recovery by mechanical refrigeration condensation is the safest and most efficient way to handle solvent vapors.
Life Time Comfort

Air Conditioning and heating from the ceiling?

It's all there... heating and cooling... tucked out of the way behind a valance enclosure where the wall meets the ceiling. No fan-coil units sticking the windows or walls to mar the beauty of your building. No ventilators funnelling hot and cold air into the faces of your tenants and their guests. The Valance cover can be painted or wallpapered to match the decor of the rooms. Here is something wonderfully different for you to offer. The Edwards Valance system gives you and your renting agents a distinctive talking point. Tested and proved in many appartments, it is still so new, interesting and efficient that it will attract tenants.

Lower Costs
The Edwards Valance Heating/Cooling System provides maximum comfort in all seasons, while providing a low initial cost, reduced maintenance costs and economy of operation.
Simple Installation
Edwards Valance systems are simple to install in any new or existing building without modifications to walls or ceilings. The adaptable, pre-assembled, wall-to-wall lengths provide a uniform environment, and operate virtually noiseless- no fans or blowers.
Air Conditioning & Heating From the Ceiling?
Edwards Valance Systems are mounted near the ceiling, and make use of natural convection to cool and radiation to heat. Cooling without blowers eliminates the need to increase cooling capacity to compensate for motor heat.
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